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JavaFX Review

I had high hopes for JavaFX as I started reading about it.  At first glance it shares many of the same goals I have: better designer/developer workflow, more declarative applications with better object initialization and data binding.  JavaFX uses the Java runtime for efficiency and doesn’t suffer some of the major performance problems of Groovy … Continue reading

Scala Review

Scala is an impressive language built on top of the Java runtime.  Many of the irksome problems in Java have been fixed in Scala. I like: * The language is concise and eliminates unecessary semicolons, type definitions and braces.  For simple programs, the code is clean and easy to read. * Scala classes can use … Continue reading

Moving on from Adobe

This was an extremely tough decision as I will miss the incredible folks and am leaving a product which is so well positioned in the market. I have been blessed by working with some of the most amazing engineering organizations all of which embraced my ideas in the decision making process. Shortly after the merger, … Continue reading