I'm a software architect with 23 years of diverse experience. Initially in low-level graphics software including work on the X window system for the GS1000. Lead developers AVS1-5 and chief architect of AVS/Express. Senior architect and chief architect at ATG. CTO at Tribal Fusion 1 year and Principal Scientist at Adobe for 3.5 years. Now working on and looking for something new.
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Tribute to Dennis Ritchie

I wrote my first serious program in Basic on an Apple II computer in high school. My dad had me running data at the Yale computer center using a program written for him by a grad student in Fortran. I did not like fighting for a terminal, hogging the printer and CPU with massive jobs, … Continue reading

Evolution of Forms (More about Why I left Adobe)

An article of mine about evolution of forms technology was published on The Register. The need for this technology is why I went to work at Adobe and why I left when I realized they would not market LCDS this way. BTW, Froyo – aka Android 2.2 update arrived on my Nexus One July 1. … Continue reading

MS and Oracle’s big dev tools – who needs ’em?

My article on the register.

It’s Gotta Be Git

Source control plays an essential role in software engineering.  I’ve been using it ever since my first job and it transformed how I code.  But like every tool it seems, it can be your best friend or at times your worst enemy.  Most painfully, CVS, SVN and P4 for example all are terrible at merging … Continue reading